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Stop Smoking - Is This The Best Way?

If you want to find out the best way for you to quit smoking, just pay attention to the following ideas:

Try to make a complete and radical Stop!

Secondly, think of a day when you decide to stop. It can be tomorrow or at any more favorable moment, but you should always think of stopping radically because this is how you will find the best levels of success. Only very few smokers ever manage to quit smoking gradually, to finally quit at all. It is also always very unpleasant and not wise to stop slowly because you will actually be teasing yourself and maintaining your essential desire to smoke.

Changes to Make:

Remove any lighters, ash trays, cigarettes and everything that can be connected to smoking. Inform your friends and the people around you that you are deciding to quit smoking, and, if it is possible, try to find somebody else who will want to quit with you.

The best way for you to quit smoking is to try to also modify your drinking and eating habits. You can try to eat more fruit, for example, drink a lot of water and try to stay away from 'comfort drinks' such as tea, alcohol or coffee. Physical relaxation is also very important; if you ever feel edgy, choose to go for a ride or a walk or do some exercise. With the money you save on cigarettes, you will be able to reward yourself, give yourself something like some new clothes, a CD, or go out and get the benefits of quitting smoking.

Don't Lose Hope!

The best way for you to quit smoking is not to ever give up and resist ever falling back. You should try to adopt an alternative behavior for the situation so that if it ever happens in the future, you will be able to react. You will know that you have become stronger if following time you find yourself in the same situation, you manage to come through.

Handling your Desires and Cravings

When you decide to quit smoking, the first thing you will notice is an increase in your desire to smoke, but this moment will only last for a few minutes. If you recently stopped smoking, then you will have these moments occurring more often then if you might have already stopped smoking for a few weeks. These will subside as time goes by. The periods between your cravings will begin, after a while, to get longer and longer, and the desire will slowly diminish completely. Your doctor, along with some nicotine patches and self-help books can assist you in your endeavour to quit smoking. Also you can find some special "quit smoking" programs located in health care centers.

So, the best method for you to quit smoking is to try to stop radically, get rid of the things that will remind you of smoking, modify your drinking and eating habits and the most significant thing: don't ever give up! Just keep trying again because after a while, you will succeed.

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