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Smokers Choice Llc
120 Carolina Avenue
Chester, West Virginia 26034
(304) 387-9800

Can Nicotine Gum Help You with Quitting Smoking?

Nicotine can be an especially addictive substance on which a person who smokes might have an especially high dependency. After one loses levels of nicotine in one's bloodstream, it will get to the point where a craving for more nicotine might be caused. With this it will make it more difficult to be successful at quitting smoking. The physical addiction to nicotine can nevertheless be easily handled with the use of nicotine gum.

The way that nicotine gum works is that the gum in itself contains a certain dosage of nicotine. The nicotine contained in this gum will then be used to replicate the nicotine that will be found in the blood without creating any real desire for cigarettes. This suggests that the desire to go and smoke a cigarette will be significantly reduced due to the nicotine spikes and cravings which are being controlled.

The gum is also known as being far better than that of nicotine patches when it comes to quitting smoking. This is due to the fact that the gum only works with the nicotine spikes that one will have when a cigarette might be needed. A patch, on the other hand, will function in order to create a consistent flow of nicotine that will cover instances when one might have any desires for smoking. This means that when one has a desire for smoking the gum can also be used in order to help with taking care of the sudden cravings that one might have.

Unlike standard gum, nicotine gum functions in that the user chews it a few times until a small tingling sensation is used for a nicotine spike. This sensation occurs after about three to four chews. The gum is then saved in the mouth and will not be chewed again until another craving for a cigarette is felt. Then, a few additional chews might be needed as a result. If this gum was chewed similarly to standard gum, there would be too much nicotine sent into the system and therefore some negative effects might be likely to take place.

The gum is also available in two and four milligram doses. For those who smoke more than a pack each day the four milligram doses are usually the best. The gum should be used every few hours each day for a duration of three months.

There is also a concern regarding the use of this method for quitting smoking. Water can only be handled fifteen minutes before and during the time that the gum is being chewed. If there is a craving for cigarettes when drinking alcohol or right after eating dinner the gum might not then be very effective.

Nicotine gum is a great thing to chew for the purposes of quitting smoking. It can help to take care of the physical addiction that one might have for nicotine. Further, as the physical addictions can be handled, the psychological addictions can also then be better controlled. Altogether, this makes for a good tool to use for the purposes of quitting smoking.